Everybody wants the best for their kids; toys that will contribute to their development: from stimulating hand-eye coordination,
shape and color recognition, fantasy, to counting.
The toys sold at Treasure Box Toy Store, all being imported from Holland, are made of the best materials, finished to perfection, with smooth surfaces and edges, using non-toxic paints,
meeting European and/or American standards (ASTM, CE and ST)
Looking for affordable wooden furniture, like tables, chairs, playpens, cribs and highchairs; choose from our selection of sturdy furniture, well finished and meeting European standards of safety.
We offer a line of sturdy, long lasting wooden playgrounds with swings, slides, climbing walls and seesaws.
The professional staff of the most beautiful toy store on the Island will assist you in selecting the best option for you. (Among many satisfied customers, you will find many schools and institutions on the Island.)



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